Individual & Couples

I work with many different life challenges including:

+ Chronic pain and illness including migraine headaches, sleep disorders and cancer
+ Loss and grief
+ Post traumatic stress (depression, anxiety disorders)
+ Addictions and compulsions
+ Life transitions
+ Relationship struggles and challenges
+ Spiritual direction

My experience as a mother of two daughters has yielded deep insight into the complexities of human development. I also bring my experience with sexual orientations and gender identities into my practice. I have a deep belief in the strength and resilience of the human spirit as well as in the power of community to transform and alter how lives are lived.

What you can expect through engagement in this work:

+ a vocabulary and way of describing the experience of your journey
+ to learn highly efficient practices which will help you to stay more relationally present
+ to develop the ability to be more present with your bodily sensations and emotions
+ to learn tools for self soothing and emotional regulation
+ to increase your sensory awareness (and thus shift brain wave patterning)
+ to rewire neural states (self-directed neuroplasticity)
+ to reduce the energetic imprint of multigenerational trauma
+ to reduce mind clutter and physical discomfort and pain
+ to develop a more conscious awareness of relational boundaries
+ to integrate dissociated aspects of experience
+ to overcome a sense of helplessness
+ to use the body as a container for sensations and emotions
+ to explore the ways that connect you to the mysteries of life

Fees & Forms

My fee is $150 an hour. I also offer a sliding scale with the intention of making this service more accessible. I am approved for Victims Assistance and some extended health plans.

Are you ready to make an appointment? Please download my Client Agreement Form in advance.